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I’m moving my blog over to my new square space site!  Hooray! I finally made a website for my illustration.  It’s still under construction. I have work I need to upload and photos to add and such, but it is really exciting!  From now on all blog posts will happen here:


Wolf playing a selmer style guitar.  This illustration is for  musician/teacher friend for his website.  Basically him as a wolf. 

I’ve been working on some embroidery projects this summer. Nothing serious. I just find them really relaxing.  This one was for my sister for her birthday. It’s a tea towel.

For the 2nd year in a row my younger sister and I made a fancy decorated cake for ourselves for our birthday. We share a birthday (born 2 years apart exactly). The mushroom is made out of rice krispie treats covered in fondant. The snails are made of marzipan. The green is dyed fondant, but everything else was painted with food coloring mixed with vodka (my sister knows so many tricks). The bottom cake is the one from last year. I think this year’s cake is sooo much better!

Sorry for the lousy pictures. We ate it so quick. I only had time to take cell phone pictures.

Tim Walker's portraits are sooo amazing.  All of them! I need to spend some more time working on drawing and painting people. I rarely do it.  I am hoping to make it a part of my sketchbook work. And his work is so inspiring!